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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Broken Age Act 1 PC Review - 9.5/10

Okay... okay. So the score may be in part do to the fact that Tim Schafer is awesome and I just want to play all of his games but I CAN back up my reasons.
Broken Age is a game that follows what Tell Tale is doing with The Walking Dead and now The Wolf Among Us by releasing a portion of a game and then giving you the rest later. Though apparently this one will is just a single payment for the entire game and the new acts will be added via update. Also this follows in the point and click game fashion a bit more retro than the other titles I mentioned and I'll probably say why below.

The Good:
Graphics! Ah! So nice. Actually can I even say graphics? Its more art style really. And it looks fantastic. Can't say if it cell shading or whatever it is but I love the look.
Voice acting is amazing! I mean seriously! There are so many moments where I just get absorbed into the dialogue just because they actors are doing an amazing job. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear that Elijah Wood's voice as the male protagonist which I thought was excellent.
The story is actually pretty good. I won't spoil much but the female protagonist is in quite a peculiar situation and the male is in a very boring, monotonous life despite his surroundings. Not sure how the story is going to progress in the coming acts, however I can say that the girl's is more interesting. Not really from the stand point that the male's is bad, just I found the girl's to be much more engaging at this point. But I may see that change later, who knows.
The puzzles are actually really great to solve. I'll talk about that later but when I do actually solve a simple puzzle its really nice and sometimes unique.

The Bad:
Don't like point and click games? You should probably stay away. Not that you shouldn't at the very least check this out but it does rely on it as a mechanic. Instead of just clicking on an item, you need to drag it to something to activate it, which isn't bad in itself for me personally. However, if you're anything like me you might just be stuck on a few things and not know what to do at all. Though the game nicely does sometimes drop subtle hints and even allows you to switch between characters at almost any time should the game become too frustrating at a point, the reticle is partially to blame here. When you hover over something with the mouse it turns from a plus sign to more of a sun when it comes to something you can interact with. Most of the times you'll just be pressing around trying to find what you actually need without actually finding it. I felt like not using a walkthrough for this game as I do so many others and just play it. The visuals keep me entertained but I still get stuck at points. Nevertheless, some of the ways you solve puzzles are actually quite interesting if not straight forward.

Honestly that's all I really have to say about this game. Like I said with The Walking Dead Season 2 and Wolf Among Us: I cannot know what the full product will be like so a full review based on what I've seen is a bit unfair since the game isn't fully complete. I will simply judge it on the merit that A) this is what I have at the moment and B) the current quality of the product should be evaluated as it is and taken into account this is simply a portion. I will try to give you the review of the next acts if I am able.

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