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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Metal Gear Rising Revengance - PC Review 8.7/10

This game was one of those games that had an amazing concept, a great engine or an amazing game mechanic. For this game it was the game mechanic. "Slash anything is perfect precision!" I never got this game because... well I don't really know why. Thought I'd pick it up on PC and see how it was.

The Good:
Nice graphics. Nuff said.
The dialogue is very campy. Veeeeery campy. I think it works in the game's favor. Too serious isn't really it's forte. Over the top and awesome.
The cutting mechanic actually works well. Though I admit I'm using a controller it works well. Precise and functional, not to mention loads of fun.

The Bad:
Bugs. Bugs galore. Bugs over here, bugs over there. There's many bugs to be found. Well not many, at least as far as I can see. But there are a few, some recurring. Some even game breaking. First one happened after the first portion of the boss fight. The person I was tailing had stopped running forward and stayed in place. I found it amusing at first but what I didn't find funny was when after the second part of the boss fight, I was thrown into the clock tower only to have it disappear and I spent the remainder of two minutes thinking I was going to move at some point, only to find the exact opposite. Imagine my surprise when this same bug occurred when I created a new game. The bug is easily fixed by just reloading. However, you will have to fight the second part again. The point where it was absolutely unforgiving was the last boss fight. In the very final part, you're supposed to use blade mode to slice the enemy's attack back at them twice. Problem was whenever the prompt came up, it was far too fast for me to even press the button, so I thought. After dying, I tried it again and the same thing happened. I tried just about every button before I realized either this was a design choice to make it impossible for someone like me to finish the game, or simply yet another (and the most unforgivable) bug had just occurred. Needless to say, I restarted a new game to find out that the bugs repeated themselves.

Not much to say further about the game. Its fun if you can get past its annoyances. If you've played the game, I don't think they've added anything else so its pretty much the same. Fun for me but I wish the bugs were non existent.

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