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Friday, January 3, 2014

Please Excuse the Blog's Design

I was browsing the blog earlier today and was a bit disappointed in the way that it's designed. As many of my older readers can remember, this blog has undergone some major changes and it will continue to do so until we can establish something that works well aesthetically and functionally for you as a loyal reader. We do appreciate your support. Just by visiting our blog and becoming interested in what we have to say is a lot to us and I cannot express enough how much we appreciate it.

I am a bit disappointed and upset that our search functionality does not seem to work for our readers. I visited to see whether I could search for particular posts using the search feature yet it doesn't seem to work as it never took me anywhere. I will be looking into this very shortly to address the issue.

In the coming years or even months, perhaps, we'd like to move from Blogger to another provider. Blogger has been an amazing host to us with very few problems but we'd like a better structured environment that can better suite our needs by allowing multiple pages, places dedicated to items rather than being spread all throughout the blog, and much more. Our goal is to move away from being about small blogging and our personal opinions and more about actual news that informs you of the latest as it happens. With this, we'd also like to bring on some new authors whether they be permanent or come by every now and then to post a few articles. If you are an aspiring blog author and would like to contribute, keep tuned to our URL to see when we're ready to bring on new authors.

In the meantime, we continue to appreciate your interest in our blog and we ask that you please bear with us as we make these changes. Also, never fear to leave feedback anywhere on any of our posts about any issues that you see with the blog's design. If a function is not working as it should, please do not hesitate to let us know. If you would also like to leave feedback like what colors you think would be great for us to utilize, feel free to also tell us! Us as authors rarely actually view the same webpages you guys are seeing.

As always, thank you again everyone for your patience with us and stay tuned!

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