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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Microsoft Targets Used Games

If you weren't born yesterday, chances are that you remember Microsoft trying their absolute hardest to make sure that all of their games required a constant internet connection. Obviously, this was done to reduce, rather, eliminate, the amount of used games sold on the market. Neither Microsoft nor the publisher/developer of that game, see any revenue from a used game's secondary sale price. Meaning, when you buy a used Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto V from GameStop for $54.99, neither Rockstar nor Take Two (Rockstar's parent company), received any money from your transaction.

Instead of forcing users to do something they don't want to do like download all of their games from an online market or force them to have a constant internet connection, Microsoft is combating this in a much more positive selling games on their online store, beginning with Xbox One's Ryse: Son of Rome, for $39.99! Normally, the game, brand new, will cost you $59.99 at any retail, brick and mortar store, and a used sale price, such as GameStop, will cost you around $54.99.

In my opinion, I'm not ready to go all digital or to refuse buying used games, but this is a great way to combat the used sales market. Much more pleasant as it doesn't interfere with my choice to purchase a used game if I so please.

But for those of you who are willing to go digital or enjoy Ryse, will you be willing to go for a sale like this? Would you like to see more of this healthy competition from manufacturers and publishers/developers like Microsoft? I, personally, would and am glad to hear of this news.

I enjoy used games and physical copies for a variety of reasons. One, I enjoy used titles as they are discounted and usually much easier to return to the retailer. Secondly, I enjoy physical copies as it is my copy of the game and I can do what I want with it, so long as it's legal. Third, I always have access to it even if there is a network shutdown (unless the game is online multiplayer only, etc.) and will always have a copy of it even if it is removed or Microsoft goes bankrupt.

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