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Monday, February 3, 2014

Rick and Morty...Brilliant

Nostalgia has taken our culture by storm with the newest generation of adults. We just can't seem to escape our youthful joy for cartoons as can be seen by the growing amounts of adult themed cartoons. While adult cartoons have been around since 1989 arguably starting with The Simpsons, they've only just begun to spring up in large numbers in the last decade.

Warner Brothers' Cartoon Network has catered to adult cartoons since the late 90's with its late night Adult Swim lineup being geared towards nostalgia among adults who's childhood lie in the 1960's. Now, adults of this generation have their childhoods in the mid-80's to 90's and we can clearly see this in Adult Swim's recent lineup.

Clearly, we can see a resemblance with this cartoon with a certain sci-fi favorite from the 80's. An older man, more like a mad scientist and his wacky inventions with a younger sidekick being a small kid who's name rhymes with Morty. The show takes on the more realistic approach of what should have really occurred in this famous series if it were to occur in real life. Obviously in the most darkest ways possible.

While the original favorite is created with a positive feel to it, Rick and Morty is generally more dark and ends more along the lines of a South Park episode.

As a nerd and fellow cartoon enthusiast, I must give a well deserved Bravo to the guys behind this show. The episodes I have seen have been ingenious and unlike any other show to ever come about with the exception of Futurama.

The Simpsons did well for many years because of its originality and its constant need to push the culturally accepted bounds. Family Guy came along and did the same as did South Park. Each have declined in more recent years with fans crying for an end to their beloved shows because of a lack of originality. They've all become alike one another and are failing to keep fans engaged. In the midst of these, Adult Swim has managed to bring about some fairly decent shows like Boondocks which has had its share of originality but most shows have lacked continued viewership as they contain toilet humor that a 3rd grader giggles at. Point being, not really what your typical adult feels like popping open a beer (or enjoying a narcotic) to after a hard day at work.

Things have changed, and now we have a show that more adults can sit and enjoy episode after episode. Not only does it deliver just as many deserved laughs, but it keeps viewers engaged with its thrilling story plots that constantly cause viewers to rethink the episode's original destination.

I just wonder how long the show's writers can keep this up. Each episode so far has been completely original in its plot and points of humor. I have thoroughly enjoyed the jokes as they come and how the show isn't so much directed at offending people like so many other shows are done, but more so just to get an embarrassed laugh out of us.

I always look forward to each episode's airing and will continue to do so until the show declines, which I hope never happens.

This is the sort of show that I can see lots of potential for especially in special guest stars. IMDb boards for the show have suggested some cameos from stars such as Christopher Lloyd for obvious reasons which I think is absolutely brilliant.

Great job, Adult Swim. Can't wait to see what else is in store for this show and anything similar to this that may come in the future.

What are your guys' thoughts on the show? I'm a bit more biased as I've been excited for the show since its original announcement, but I believe the show deserves every amount of respect its gained.

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