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Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Video Review] Early Beta Tester on Titanfall

Below, I included a video posted by a fairly popular YouTube game reviewer, ReviewTechUSA, and his thoughts on EA's newest title, Titanfall. According to him, he's played a beta version of the game which has been released publicly recently for gamers to test for themselves. Not only does he go into a little bit of depth as to what the game is like to play, but he also has a message for critics of the game.

To be truthful, I must say that I agree with his opinion regarding the game and its critics. Many people are criticizing the game for reasons that are unrelated to the game itself and doing so in an ignorant way by not actually taking the time to play through the game before making assumptions.

EA was rated the worst company for two straight years and rightly so after seeing many of their products. With bad decisions with games such as Mass Effect 3 and recent Need for Speed games, we can see why EA is not doing so well with people who were once avid fans. However, that is not to say that we should immediately discredit any and all new releases that come out of EA over the next few years. Titanfall and other new games may very well be games that are great. It is possible for EA to put out good games, as we've seen in prior years, so let's not discredit every new game they announce/release before actually playing.

Personally, I'm interested to play this. I enjoyed previous mech-style games and enjoyed some Call of Duty-like games so this should be interesting to see how it plays out.

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