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Saturday, March 22, 2014

[Review] Instagc Surveys

It's nice that we can earn money online and it's always refreshing to find websites that truly give money or whatever they promise, but some aren't worth the time and effort. Instagc ( is one of these websites.

I was on the prowl for a way to earn free PlayStation Network codes, legitimately, and so I posted a topic on a forum about it. I received an email from someone suggesting Instagc to me. I went to the website and signed up and began filling out surveys. I received 84 points in total and what caught my eye is that it seems like a legitimate website that will send you a check.

According to their website, once you hit 100 points, you can receive a check in the mail for $1. It also seems like every 100 points is equivalent to $1 for gift cards as well. This is unusual and sets this website apart from others as they usually require a higher level such as $100 to receive a check. This is nice and it doesn't seem like it would take much time to get to 100 points, at which time, you'd be able to cash in and forget the website altogether if you'd like.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be coming back for other reasons. While I was able to finish a survey about the dental industry, I tried completing 2 other surveys but was told that I did "not meet their criteria", so I wasn't able to finish as I had planned.

The other issue with this was that they installed a buttload of adware onto my computer without my permission. One tip about using these websites that I didn't follow this time is to never allow them to install software onto your computer. At this point, you're just asking for malware, spyware, and all other types of nasty, intruding software into your machine. I did and received a whole lot of ads on every website. Not even my Adblock Plus could block these ads as they were being pulled in from outside of the web browser.

Without my knowing, they installed an extension directly into my browser (Google Chrome) called Savingsbull or Savings Bull. Ads popped up all over the screen and even made it impossible to successfully view one specific website without errors or interruptions. After removing that, it shut down Chrome without asking me and in the process removed all of my tabs that I had opened up which was extremely inconvenient and frustrating. Not only that, I also discovered that Savings Bull was installed into my computer once I removed it from the Control Panel's Programs & Features. After uninstalling it here, it also closed my current session of Chrome, closing out all of my opened tabs. In both circumstances, I was not able to retrieve the tabs back.

The website comes with its own chat system and it seems like they do not block anyone who speaks ill about them which is also another good sign. My message went through to others as someone had replied to me, agreeing with me, and another replied trying to encourage me to stay stating that he/she makes over $20 a day just from filling out surveys.

Believe me, I've tried dozens of these websites and this one might not be appealing, but it's one of the best that I've used. It seems legitimate and all, but the intrusive adware and two-in-a-row surveys that said I didn't meet their criteria made me want to not come back.

But this is what happens when you try to beat the system. These sort of problems are bound to occur. I guess if you're wondering about the site, just use your best judgement. Check other reviews too before coming to a conclusion.

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