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Saturday, March 1, 2014

[Tutorial] Custom Boot Logo for iOS 7 Jailbroken Devices

Use this at your own risk. I am in no way responsible for whatever may and potential can occur to your device.

Things have been moving slowly but getting there for tweaks to be updated for those who are jailbroken on iOS 7. One of the things we've wanted and waited for was custom boot logos. Below, I have included the ways to get custom boot logos on your iOS 7 jailbroken device. (Sorry, this is not yet available for 64-bit devices)

Search and download "Animate" which is available through the BigBoss repository

Search and download "Animate fix for iOS 7.xx" which is available through the BigBoss repo

Next, download your desired boot logos. It seems that any of the boot logos under the "Sections" list are compatible as I've tried a few random selections. From Sections, you can go under "Addons (BootLogo)" where there are many different available boot logos to try.

To activate the boot logo, go to your Settings app and search towards the bottom for "BootLogo". Once here, choose the boot that you'd like to use. All downloaded boots should be under the "Extras" while the defaults are at the beginning. Check which one you'd like to use. You may also select "Preview" in the top right hand corner to see the boot's animation. Once selected and you're sure that's what you'd like, you're done!

You can now reboot the device to see if it works although this is not necessary for it to work. Resprings are not necessary either.

After this tweak has been set, your device may restart/respring 3 times which is completely normal.

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