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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Young Justice: Legacy 3DS Review - 2/10

Every single person who has ever been a gamer has played on game they felt was the worst game ever. About a year or so ago, I thought it was DARK the game. Boy, did you show me up Little Orbit. Would you like to know what games these developers have under their belt? Monster High: 13 Wishes, Barbie Dreamhouse Party and a mobile game of Falling Skies... and that's it apparently. They don't seem to have a Wikipedia page and I only found those three games on their website. God this game is awful. Kalypso Media, I apologize. DARK is gold compared to this. "No, GameStop employee. I won't need the preowned copy for this game." Regret doesn't begin to describe the 21 dollars I wasted on this crap. Lets get this shit started.

The Bad: (Because there is no good)
The graphics are shit, even for a handheld game. Just god awful.
Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to put superheroes in a tactics game? Yes. A FUCKING TACTICS GAME. I wish I read the box before I bought this game. 2D sidescroller is what I thought this was. Would have made sense and have actually been playable. No. It isn't, and its not playable. Its terrible, so terrible. The tactics in this game are also shit. Every animation seems choppy. It lacks 'omph' because there is none. I attack someone and they just... wait... for... something... to... happen!
Sound design. There isn't any! Sure there's a grunt from characters when they're hit... and that's IT. No music as far as I've seen, no simple sound design. NOTHING. HOW DO YOU DO THAT??? NO SOUND, ARE YOU SERIOUS????
There is a complete lack of originality here. Hey fans of the show, do you remember the infamous enemy: Katana Ninja? No? WELL NEITHER DO I. Seriously. Minion, Red Ninja. SOMETHING. Gun Ninja? Are you fucking serious????
And everything else.

WORST. GAME. EVER. When you hear about the worst game ever, don't put this on the list. Let this game fester into nothingness. Let no one remember it and let it sink into a pit of nothing. I am literally considering chucking this game into a ravine, but that's littering. So, might as well burn it and throw it into the trash and hope no one ever picks up this piece of shit.

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