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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Remove Auto-Renewal from Xbox Live or Xbox Music

Microsoft has forced this really annoying "feature" onto its subscribers of their Xbox Live and Xbox Music services that automatically renews a member's subscription regardless whether they want it or not. To new subscribers: beware. Microsoft automatically adds you to this list without asking you. I'm sure they ask in some sort of end-user agreement that no one reads, but they never tell you anywhere else during the sign-up, "Hey! We're going to go ahead and set you up for auto-renewal!" The worst part is trying to remove yourself from this list. Microsoft kept sending me to different pages on their website that just told me how to do it. Funny thing is that they change the site so often that the screenshots they had were of the old design and didn't pertain to the new design they created.

Anyway, you probably didn't come here to hear me rant about the annoying "option". You came here because you want to be removed. This is probably the second time of me writing one of these because they change the site's design and remove the old links, so this is current as of today's date, July 2, 2014 and may not work if they change the site again in the future.

To remove yourself from the auto-renewal, you need to first log into your Microsoft account that's connected to your Xbox Live or Xbox Music account. Wherever you receive e-mails for these services is the address you will use to log in with. This can be done through, on Bing's website,, or pretty much any Microsoft owned website that allows you to log in. When you're logged in there, visit this page ==>

Now, look for this on the page.

Yours may look a little different. But from here, you will select "See all subscriptions" and from that page, you will now be able to remove the annoying auto-renewal "feature" from the services.

I signed on for a free trial of Xbox Music and thought I canceled it, but they've been silently charging me for the past 3 months. I only found out today because they alerted me that I was going to be charged on my Xbox Live account automatically in August. So if you signed on for a free trial or are paying for the service, make sure you check this page often so they don't get to snatch up your money too.

This isn't something exclusive to Microsoft and Xbox either. I got a free $40 gift card from Best Buy and decided to go for a PS+ membership for my PlayStation account and they too added me to an auto-renewal subscription because they have my credit card on file.

I guess when you sign up for paid services, just make sure you check to see if they add you to some plan like this.

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