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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Microsoft and their Exclusives

"Ryse and Dead Rising 3 will be exclusive to the Xbox One". This is what I was told some time ago when the Xbox One made its debut. Now, that has been repealed. Both these games will be ported to Steam for users to be able to play it on their computers.
"Fable Anniversary edition will be exclusive to Xbox 360 and will not be able to be played on any other platform". Guess what got repealed?

I'm going to go out here and say this. I was ultra pissed that Fable Anniversary was only going to be on 360. I still have an Xbox 360, I was just mad considering the nostalgic value I had for the game wasn't going to be with me for whenever I wanted. I knew Ryse wasn't going to be a good game and I've never been a Dead Rising fan myself. I only played the first game and felt it was okay, then bought the second game on Steam, had to deal with that Games for Windows crap and when I found out I couldn't use my controller I never touched it again. I've had sort of a love hate relationship with Microsoft. The first major console I owned that was still churning out games was the original Xbox. I always thought that Live was a really dumb idea even at a young age, but I was glad it was in the back round and didn't force me to have it. Then the 360 came around and pissed me off. Forcing you to have this subscription to something I never used or wanted to use and I forced myself to like it in any way. I still don't like it.
Its not a stretch to say that Microsoft has taken the biggest 180 of a company I've ever seen and for a change its been a good 180. The direction of the Xbox One took less of an extra tv box for your living room and turned back into a more gaming oriented system, without having to cut down on any of the things they previously promised. You know that annoying Live system where you can't use Netflix and other stuff like that? Gone. You can now use it even without paying a monthly subscription. Its an awesome concept where I can use what I've purchased without some stupid pay wall.
So what about this talk of exclusives? I still kind of have some hate for Microsoft. See, I actually do like Fable. For all of its faults and missteps, its actually a great series. Funny, the combat is pretty decent and I like playing it. Imagine my disappointment when some of the games were pulled from Steam... and no one said anything. Sure, fan outcry and people mad they didn't get any refund of any kind. One day I felt like purchasing Fable 2 but I felt like maybe later. I come back later and its just gone. Fable 3 is on there and I actually liked it but again, didn't purchase it. Now its gone. Despite my better judgments, I purchased the first Fable a few months before I noticed the Anniversary edition is going to be on Steam and this thought reoccurred to me. How they just took the games away from people without a single word. Being of sound mind and intelligence I can say this sucks but there are a plethora of reasons why this could have happened, so I'm not too keen on dogging on things I don't have all the facts on. In fact, I wasn't too surprised really. They'd done the same thing with me before on my 360. I had Jade Empire and Stubbs the Zombie installed on my hard drive. I only had a 20 gig brick so I had to delete them for another game. Once I decided I wanted them back, GONE. Both games just gone. Not in my library, not in the store. Gone. I checked online and saw no trace of them. No refund, no notification that they would be taken off. Just gone.
Whenever I hear about exclusives, my mind thinks about Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft is still kind of weird about their exclusives. While they've taken a better turn, I'm still wary of them. There's a lot of things I'd like to fix about them, but they are the least on my list of video game problems. Up there is getting video games to be treated as art not just by others but also by the developers themselves so they stop pushing generic schlock out there. Getting EA to stop messing with us. Hell, buy Capcom and make the games they haven't (new Mega-Man maybe, get Dragon's Dogma 2 rolling along and bring Resident Evil back into horror).
Honestly, I'm glad that we get these previously 'unavailables' out there. The developers get more money, thereby making it so good games get the recognition they deserve (not Ryse), and a wider audience gets to experience these games. I would like to say this is going to be Microsoft's norm... but its not. Exclusives rake in the console sales and that's fine. I'm just saying throw the PC guys a bone for a change. You do make computers so it wouldn't be the weirdest concept to port some games to PC. Just... get rid of Windows Live for good, please?

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