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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vita and 3DS. Which one do I prefer?

Hm... Its been a while since I've written anything... I recently bought some games but those were old hat and already reviewed by people. Generally speaking, I will only do reviews for games that came out at most a week ago or if they're indie at most a month.
Recently I got my hands on a Vita. I was one of those, "Get it when I have enough money," but since I'm being paid minimum wage, have bills to pay, have other consoles I want to buy and every single game I review on this site comes from my own pocket I don't really have any incentive to buy something super costly.
I know this is somewhat of an old topic but I think it needs revisiting or at the very least I haven't written anything in a while and... ya, that's it.

I've had my 3DS for quite some time and I can honestly say I'm kind of satisfied with it. Ultimately what it comes down to for me is the games and... yep, they got em. I think I remember writing an article about this a year or so ago, criticizing Vita's lack of titles while the 3DS had a multitude of them as well as a back log of every single DS game. Shovelware is called that for a reason (you bury it with a shovel cause it aint that good or you just uncovered some cracked gem with your shovel). Its sometimes awful but you still have to admit there are games out there. I've been a Nintendo boy for my entire life. My very first console was the SNES and my very first handheld was the GameBoy Pocket, which I still have to this day and works. However, the varnish has faded revealing some... less than decent qualities about my handy game system. For one thing, the shoulder buttons no longer function. Yes, after a few years of having something, things start to fall off, wiggle out of place or just don't seem to function as they used to. This became horribly apparent when I played Rune Factory 4 in which the shoulder buttons are a necessity in the first few seconds of the game despite me not needing them later. I found out this was a common problem which is not a good sign. My choices were to send it in and pay 80 bucks (and since the new 3DS is coming soon.... eehhhhhh, nah) or clean out the inside as best I could. Side note, it seems Nintendo wants me to blow on their products. Cartridges and now I have to blow out any dust and lint from the DS. Of course, this didn't last long. The problem fix has now become obsolete. No matter how hard I try to brush inside or blow out whatever's blocking the button pads it just doesn't work. And now it just sits there.

I got the most use of my 3DS when my computer was broken. I used it mostly for Netflix and Hulu. It was serviceable, though it was never really a computer. Vita is the closest I've seen to a computer, or at the very least a smartphone. Actually, its better than my smartphone. Though... my phone is a piece of unreliable crap so its not much of a contest. I've never seen a gaming console (handheld or otherwise) that could multitask. Basically just me being able to play a game then a thought comes into my head about a game I want to buy so I put the game on hold and go to the marketplace to buy it and then go right back to where I was. I think the best thing about the Vita for me is the back log. I never owned a PlayStation console until I got a PSP, so I missed out on the games everyone said were the hallmarks of their childhood. If only for the value of seeing how right or wrong they are, I do like the ability to go and purchase almost every single older game out there. Still looking for I-Ninja... The 3DS has this as well, but its backlog is... lacking. Its so sparse and baffles me how few games are on there. First game I ever played was Super Metroid which is still a classic, yet I can't play it on my 3DS for some reason, only on the Wii U... which doesn't make sense really. With the Vita, I can play PSOne, PS2, PS3 and even cross play PS4 games. In fact, I've been so happy with the system so far I bought a bunch of games this weekend just to have fun.

Ultimately what it comes down to is neither is superior or inferior. That's kind of a cop out but I think if you grew up with Nintendo and wanted to see the other side of gaming, the Vita is for you. If you grew up with Sony, you should check out the 3DS. Granted both systems aren't terrible. I have my reserves for both of them, but ultimately it comes down to me not being able to say which is better. Had the 3DS for longer so obviously there will be problems. I keep cleaning lint away from the Vita's shoulder buttons so it seems to be something that may occur in the future to this very soon. I would say however the Vita is giving me more fun, if only for the massive amount of AAA titles and especially the decade of gaming I missed from not having a PlayStation. Right now my 3DS is the dependable old dog. Some things are showing and its not getting any better but it seems like its always been there. The Vita is like the new puppy I have just showing me everything it can do with a lot of enthusiasm before its age begins to show.

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