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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's Here!

I was about as happy as Sid from Toy Story to see that beautiful white package from UPS yesterday.

Indeed, like Sid's "Big One" rocket, the "Big One" iPhone 6+ arrived and I have been extremely enthused with it.

In purchasing an iPhone 6 Plus, I also made a change from Sprint to T-Mobile. I visited a few cities yesterday and the quality of the T-Mobile network truly showed throughout the entire day. The LTE speeds are phenomenal and I lost LTE for a minute but only to find that T-Mobile's "4G" network was available which was just as sufficient for tasks such as YouTube videos with little to no buffering. Unlike the Sprint network which was extremely spotty throughout much of Southern California and embarrassingly slow speeds on 3G, T-Mobile is a breath of fresh air.

Not only the superior data speeds and coverage, but I also noticed a huge difference in my voice call's quality.

Due to the iPhone 6+ as well as new technology provided through T-Mobile, there is a huge difference between it and my iPhone 5 on Sprint in terms of voice quality. The other person on the end of the phone was crystal clear. Although the quality is not as clear as being directly beside someone in person, the call is much more clear. Being on a fast WiFi network also contributed to this great quality; however, while out and about on T-Mobile's network, I also saw [heard] great quality calls there as well.

I waited close to 8 weeks for this device to come to me. Was it worth it? Most definitely.

This is, perhaps, the shortest review I've ever written, not very detailed either, but I just wanted to stop by very quickly and give props to this device and T-Mobile's network. I wanted people to know that the wait is, indeed, worth it especially if switching from a network like Sprint to T-Mobile.

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