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Friday, December 26, 2014

Lionhead! READ THIS

Hello all. Hope you had an excellent holiday before we all inevitably have to go back to work. Sorry for reminding you.
Steam sale! So awesome. I love these things. I get to pick up a lot of games I would have otherwise overlooked. One of the games I picked up was Fable Anniversary. A game that was panned across the board on its 360 exclusive release which was then ported over to PC when they realized it was a stupid idea to keep people from giving them money. The ironic thing about this being that when it first came out, Fable pretty much flopped. Peter Molyneux, for all the crap I give him a lot of it deserved, was pretty much the sole reason this game both succeeded and failed. Giving grandiose lies about how advanced the game was at the time, which if all of what he said was true then the game would still be advanced to this day, which ultimately got people interested in it. Eventually we all played it and it was not the experience we were hoping for. It was generic, with a bit of humor, but all in all it wasn't terrible. About a 7 for me. Somehow, and thank god, the game got a sequel... and then another game. Weirdly enough, the games were endearing. Garnering its own following by a select few that even got it a terrible Kinect game which cannot nor should not be forgotten.
So I got a game that was an HD remake of a game panned and the remake ITSELF was panned by critics and some fans alike. I am a Fable fan, and I can't tell you why because its impossible. Since I was not of age to buy the first game, I had to get it later knowing full well the scrutiny and I liked it. Liked the second game too and... I loved the third. Don't get me wrong, the series has its glaring problems. I'm not going to list them because anyone who's played the games will immediately see them. The games have been polishing themselves as time went on... save for the Kinect game. Every game afterward came with some new improvement that changed the last. Fable's arrows and crossbows were slow, so in came guns. Guns were pretty much just flintlock and rifle, so they became better. Instead of buying new weapons that quickly became useless, you bought the next best one or found a better one and got rid of the other one. Eventually that got old hat too so they added the ability to have a weapon that got better as you used it. Story was a bit thin and bland first game so it stretched a bit in the second game and became even greater in the third game.
If you want to become a game designer, I really suggest you look at Fable as a series. There's a lot of bumps in the road for a somewhat decent series. Eventually what it comes down to is progression in both good and bad ways. As the games went on, even the morality choices (which people have a problem with in this day and age for some sensible but most stupid reasons) got less Black and White (wink wink), making for a more sensible game. Of course, they are black and white for their own reasons. Steal from your treasury which will basically allow your citizens to live from an impending attack, obviously that's bad.
But really, why am I talking about this? The answer is simple: Why can't I buy Fable 3 on Steam? Pretend I said that loudly because I'm sort of mad. No seriously, I am. My favorite game in the series is no longer there because of that stupid Windows Live. Can't use my 360 anymore because its broken and I'm not going to sink money into a basically dead console or buy a new one either. I want to give them money for something I like. Its weird when I can't give money to people. Windows Live, you are the bane of my existence. I either can't play a game because you are doing something so idiotic it either makes it impossible to play or my patience can't handle you, you annoy me constantly and even after your death you take things away from me that I like. The only use I found for you was in Dark Souls, making it so I could send hateful messages to people who invaded me.
"But, by your logic, shouldn't Fable Anniversary be the best of the series? Since it came after 3 and therefore has learned from its mistakes?" No, its not. Its an HD remake of an inherently broken game which didn't really fix any problems. Can't get to the extra content cause you didn't kill your sister and take the evil path? What the hell, why would I still want that? It makes no sense. Combat is clunky, magic is... well its decent. Pretty good actually. Enemies are cheap and stupid. Had a guy literally juggle me into an inescapable combo of me getting totally fucked. I only got out of it because of a spell I had the foresight to buy.
What am I trying to say? Its after midnight, after Christmas and I'm being weird. I just want Fable 3 I guess. I would pay 20 bucks for the game, not including the DLC. Weird of me? Eh. People have their favorite games. Some bad, some good. This game isn't even my favorite, I just love it a lot. So, put it back up, I will give you money for it and we all walk away happy, right? Also is there a Fable 4 soon? I'd definitely buy that. Call me up, I've got a few tips for you.

Have you got any weird games that you love secretly or otherwise? Why not tell me about them. Or you can rant and rave about how this post makes no sense.

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