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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell: PC Review 9/10

Saints Row is one of those games for me that I like and seemingly everyone else likes. You might say that's pretty commonplace but you'd be surprised how often I like something others don't or hate something others adore. Its also one of those games that can't really do too wrong. The least interesting game in the series has to be The Third which seemed far too formulaic and didn't really do too much other than an ascetic change as well as a kick up in the humor department from the previous titles. In its own way, that sort of made it better than a GTA knock off, becoming its own thing rather than a cheap imitation. The series has been progressively getting more and more ridiculous over time and this game doesn't do anything to change that.

The Good:
First off, the game looks really good. Putting aside the copious amounts of red that is in this game world, it looks good. There's a definite style to it that puts it apart from the other games like how Gat has basically an infected arm that looks blackened by fire and with purple glowing veins going through it. It looks really good. I just wish this could be applied to Kinzie's model as well as she is a playable character too. Kind of unfortunate considering Kinzie has to be my favorite female character in the series so far.
The powers are really cool. Most of the previous powers have made a comeback. Super jump, strength, blast and stomp powers. But what I really love are the new ones. Blast now has a homing attack as well as the ability to turn people to stone. While you get this new power to summon imps to help you take out bad guys. You now have wings so you can kind of sort of fly in the air. In the fourth game, all you could do was a sort of glide whereas this is closer to flying. When you charge up a jump, you get these charred wings.
Of course, Saints Row has some cool weapons to choose from, though some of them less and more cooler than others. My personal favorite so far is a tie between the Exodus 10 sub machine guns or the Sloth weapon. The Exodus 10 shoots out homing locusts to slowly damage your enemies while the Sloth weapon is a motorized chair that has miniguns and rockets on them. There's a few other weapons that go with the seven deadly sins, though I haven't unlocked them yet.
One of my biggest problems with Saints Row 4 was that in order to upgrade your super powers, you had to pick up these floating things around the world. It was a chore to get through so it was a nice addition to see that you can pay in game money to get a few yourself. Rather than a massive scavenger hunt, I can simply spend a few bucks once every few levels and not have to deal with some annoying hunt. They've also added some new abilities to purchase which makes the game seem less like a redo of the previous game and more like an addition.

The Bad:
The game itself is its own stand alone game like Far Cry: Blood Dragon, so it shows up as its own title in my Steam library rather than a DLC for the base game. This means whatever progress I make in this is null to the main game. Basically I've just bought a dumbed down version of the game with less missions and presumably less content. I didn't like that idea in Far Cry, and I sure as hell don't like it here. The reason it worked for Far Cry was it was basically just an entirely new game with new plot, graphics and some retooled features. Both games look completely seperate to each other, while we've seen in the DLC for Saints Row that it can make the over world almost completely different to the final product of the game. Essentially, you've basically just been given a few hours of gameplay for twenty bucks and none of that content will be able to be on the original Saints Row 4. Another example would be the Cold Cold Heart DLC as well as Harley's Revenge for Arkham Origins and for Arkham City.
There are no clothing options to choose from as far as I've seen. Just weapons and playing with your standard character. One of the things Saints Row does better than any other game in its genre is the fact you have almost complete control over the look of your character. Take that away and you still have a solid yet somewhat hollow feeling game.

The Meh:
Why Gat and Kinzie as the main characters? Don't get me wrong, they are my two favorite characters. The psychopath who seems to only want murder and mayhem, Gat. And the paranoid ex FBI agent who's fetishistic at times while being completely straight faced and unabashed about what she likes and dislikes as well as the hacking genius, Kinzie. The plot is that its Kinzie's birthday after the events of the fourth game. They use a Ouji board and the president is sucked into a portal into hell to marry Satan's daughter. Gat and Kinzie go into rescue him. I really wish we could play as the other characters to see how they'd react. While the two actors who play the main characters do a fantastic job, its a shame that we don't get to see more of the other members in the cast. Or maybe even play as a different character altogether.

Definitely glad I bought this. A crazy fun game that in someways is better than the previous game. Though I wish it was a proper sequel, if this is what we can expect from the franchise to come, I have no qualms about that. Just maybe we could have a full game next time? Clothing options and all?

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