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Saturday, February 14, 2015

What can I expect from Dragon Ball: Xenoverse?

Excuse me if my grammar is terrible during this post because I'm jumping up and down with excitement, figuratively of course. While I must wait an excruciating amount of time for this game to release, it has given me time to research about the game. And looking at the calendar it will come out in two weeks so ya, I have a LOT of time. In any case, over my browsing the web, here are some facts to hopefully get you excited for the game.

1. Its going to be open... kind of
Open world may be too much to ask for but this game will have more of an actual world. You'll be able to travel around certain parts of Earth in terms of Dragon Ball's world. While it hasn't been completely clear as to how open or what parts we'll be able to travel around in, it seems that the game has a bit of progression outside of simply just 'fighting mode'. This isn't new for Dragon Ball as a few years ago, in Raging Blast, you were able to travel around an albeit small but still free to travel around Earth.

2. The game will feature the same sagas as the anime including Battle of Gods, as well as a new story
The game itself is centered around you going through the same sagas from Saiyan to Buu. This is pretty standard, seeing as how basically every single game has had this story. The only difference being the GT games and any additions to the normal Z story. Pretty standard, except the story is flipped. Not to go into too much detail, your character is from the future and some bad stuff is happening. So you and Future Trunks go back in time and essentially mess with the time line to your own liking. Not sure as to what 'your own liking' will entail, but aside from that the story this time is flipped. Speaking of 'your character'...

3. You can now create your own character, complete with race options
FINALLY. I've always wanted this! You can now create your own character, complete with gender (equality high five) and clothing options, as well as being able to choose from a few races. From what I've seen, the races are from Earthling, Saiyan, Majin, Namekian and even Frieza. Not only that, but apparently races DO have an affect on gameplay. Namekians can use healing items to a greater advantage as well as regeneration when low on health as well as high health and defense. Saiyans have lower health but larger attacks and can become stronger if revived. No word on what other stats the other races have but I can presume that the Majin will have increased defense and regeneration and Frieza will have higher levels of Ki. Not only all of this, but you can choose to become and apprentice of one of the original characters, allowing you to learn their special moves and even be able to use their clothing options. Also, leveling up... which is awesome.

4. Differences in combat
Not a lot of them, though two worth mentioning. First you can now fight underwater. This isn't a huge deal, but considering this is probably the first time any of the games have added this in makes it somewhat significant. Will you be hindered underwater? Will ki blasts be ineffective? We'll just have to wait and see. Lastly, you can teleport behind targets. Sort of like an instant transmission, you can pop behind someone for a few quick attacks. This does have its own limit being its own ki meter, so you can't just BAMF in back of someone for instant wins. Still it adds a new level of depth to the game.

This really needs no introduction. NO. QUICK TIME. EVENTS

6. The game is (sort of) based off the failed MMO
Don't you just hate it when you don't get the cool things other people get over seas. Dragon Ball Online shut down almost two years ago to Korea and Taiwan. Why it wasn't released here or anywhere else, I don't know. The game also allowed you to create a character with gender and race options as well as level up... and that's pretty much where the similarities end.

7. A bunch of new characters
Well... new as in you can play as them. Of course there are the cool ones like Gogeta and even Beerus, And then... Raspberry? Appule? Whatever. A bunch of characters you can choose from which is cool. Might be like a 'Dan' situation but whatever.

Bonus: Preorder exclusives
I preordered the Steam version which gets me two types of armor and access to SS4 Vegeta. From the website I'm reading, it also says that there is planned DLC so you might want to fork over a few extra bucks for that extra content when it comes out.

So as you can see, I have a lot that I'm going to be fretting over I would like to say, however, this game releases on a Friday. So far, I've been getting random Tuesday releases, which really screws with my sleeping/work schedule, making me choose to whether I want more traffic to this site by releasing my review sooner or sleeping and getting to work on time not sleepy. Whoever made this game release on a sensible time, I could kiss you.
In any case, the game releases on February 27th on Xbox One, 360, PS4 and 3 as well as PC.

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