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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Update

Hey everyone. Sorry about the lack of posts. Not a lot of games have been coming out so... ya, no reviews. This is just more or less a quick update on the blog and what we're doing/what we will be doing or are thinking about doing.
I actually wanted to pick up Majora's Mask for 3DS as well as the Xenoblade, but my 3DS has a problem (which I'm told is common) where the shoulder buttons just don't work anymore, so I'm a bit cautious when picking out 3DS games now and reviews are probably not going to be flooding in for games. Xenoblade also REQUIRES the newest 3DS model which has a circle pad and apparently you can't play the game without it so I'm thinking about picking up that... when I have enough money...
I've been doing some serious thinking into getting an Xbox One so I can broaden the reviews a bit. Mostly its just been PC for various and obvious reasons. While I'd personally like to get a better PC (or even better to build one) it doesn't seem like that's going to be all that possible, money wise and time constraints at least.
We've been seriously thinking about starting a Youtube channel, mostly starting with the PS4 just for it's ease of use and all that. Its not definite but its definitely on the horizon. If we do, I'll be sure to tell you how you can see our videos. On a somewhat related note, we've also been starting a retro games collection, starting with a PS2 and an original Xbox. We've got a few games but if there's something you'd like us to look over specifically feel free to tell us. I've personally just been getting all the games I never had as a kid because I never owned a PS2 before. We'd like to make this into a thing but we're not sure if that's even possible at this point, its just more for fun's sake than anything and pure nostalgic value.
In any case, thanks for reading this blog. Its always nice to see those views pile up and I'm always grateful to see people reading my work. I'm not sure if any games are coming out in a while so you may or may not see a review come in. In the meantime I'll just be talking about random things or whatever I feel is pressing on me at the moment. Thanks for the support!

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