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Monday, May 18, 2015

The Witcher 3 PC Review 10/10

The Witcher is (presumably) the last game in an RPG trilogy. Each game has done it's own unique take on the RPG genre. The first game was a slow, methodical, PC exclusive game. Its combat was rich, complex and very non newbie friendly. The combat was overhauled in the second game when it was released for 360 to draw in new players though it still stayed somewhat off putting when compared to other games like Elder Scrolls in terms of simply being able to pick up the game and play it without knowing the subtle nuances of every single detail.

The Good:
Another game that reminds me I need to update my graphics card. This game is beautiful in just about every way. From the striking scenery to the character models, this game does it's best to make sure the world feels real. The game still runs but its choppy at the lowest settings for my PC. Then again, 'still runs' is better than doesn't run at all.
It has been a few years but from what I remember of the second game, but from what I remember I can say that the combat has been improved. Wards feel properly like awesome magic while sword play is balanced through dodges, blocking, counters and the like. Its less mashing either the quick or heavy strikes and more skirting around opponents to get the best advantage and using your magic properly to affect the outcome of battle with as little damage gained as possible if possible. The enemies vary drastically as well. Men use various tactics but nothing too surprising in terms of what you'd expect a human to be able to do. Monsters on the other hand are the exception. Sure, you might understand how they work after a few times battling them, but they always seem to surprise you. Maybe the jump from out of the ground or even just circle around the marshes and uneven terrain to get the jump on you. You also have to be careful around them considering fighting something like a drowner or even a wolf is no easy task and should be handled with utmost caution if you don't wish to die. Basically, combat is good. Best I've seen in the series in fact.
One of the things I wasn't too happy with in the previous titles was the story. Well, I suppose the lore is a better way to say it. You were told about some things but you never really had the full picture. I know I never really finished either of the first two titles, but I shouldn't be left wondering about simple facets of the world when I'm halfway through the game. I'd hear about important characters through single sentences or characters that had pivotal moments for other characters in vague details. It wasn't bad, it just felt like I was the odd man out in a conversation I was desperately trying to interject myself into. Here, a lot more is talked about. "Where are the other witchers?" I asked myself while playing the second game. Now, I can see more than one witcher as well as their base. I always wanted to know what the Wild Hunt was and now I know... kind of. At the very least I can see what they look like.
Exploration seems to be key but you can be punished for running into enemies that are far above your level obviously. Then again, if your skill triumphs over the enemies you can pretty much do as you please. Apart from that you can also go underwater and apparently other enemies can be in the water with you as well. I've only seen drowners so far and, true to their name, they try and drown you. Areas vary from forests, marshes, bogs, cities and just about everything in between. There's a lot of varied places you can go to and they're visually stunning enough so that you're not always going to be bored.

Honestly, I have nothing much else to say. The game just hits all the right spots and I've enjoyed myself so far despite the choppiness I've had to deal with, but that's my computer's limitations. Its a really great RPG and it seems every other reviewer thinks so as well. Buy it if you like challenging RPGs and rich stories.

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