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Thursday, June 11, 2015

"I will not be preordering the new Batman and here's why"

Its not often that I talk about outright not playing/black balling a game. I'm generally a positive person. One of my worst reviews on this site was a 5/10. Long story short, I like to have fun rather than be a snarky internet critic or jaded for the sake of being jaded. We have enough of those people and some are really good at it. But this... THIS is something I need to say.
I will not preorder Batman Arkham Knight. I may not even buy it at all. And the simple reason is because of our old enemy, 'Preorder exclusives'. Today I went to Best Buy and GameStop. I was just browsing the shelves for some missed gems so I could quickly drain my bank account as usual. At GameStop I saw it: the Batman PS4 bundle. Basically you can buy the game (when it comes out of course) bundled with a PS4. Nothing wrong with that, in fact its great. Might get some more PS4 units sold which I have no qualms about. But GameStop has their own deal. A deal designed to screw you over.
Preorder this bundle and not only will you get your PS4 and a copy of the game, you will also get an EXCLUSIVE TO GAMESTOP ONLY access to play as The Red Hood. Oh, and also the ability to play as Harley Quinn with 4 EXCLUSIVE challenge maps. Oh, but here's the best part. EXCLUSIVE TO PS4... ONLY, Preorder and you'll receive two Batman skins as well as one for your Batmobile. Also access to PlayStation EXCLUSIVE Scarecrow Nightmare Missions.
NO. NO NO NO NO. STOP IT. This is awful. So, if I don't have a PS4 I can't get this extra content? Oh, I'm sorry. If I don't have a PS4 AND preorder the game, I can't get this EXCLUSIVE content? NO. That is terrible to everyone. Let me further clarify that Xbox One owners get none of their own exclusive content. And looking on Steam right now, the only thing you get for your preorder is free access to the Season Pass. Don't preorder it but still want the Season Pass? Prepare to shell out FORTY DOLLARS. THAT IS ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS SEPARATELY FOR THE GAME AND SEASON PASS.
I've personally always been on the fence about preorders. They're not bad. They offer up an incentive to get a few bits of extra content while you reserve a copy of the game. Understandable. But, when you can't get that content later, you've just been fucked by the company. When other platforms don't even get access to that content, you've just been fucked by the company again. Now I can understand that maybe Sony shelled out some money to get some extra exclusive content. Fine, they deserve that. Special content only available at a certain store? I don't even have a problem with that. But THIS. This is something I have a problem with. If you preorder it on any other system, you miss out on the skins and a few missions. If you preorder it for PC, you get absolutely nothing other than saving a few bucks. This. Is. Not. Good. I don't think I have to tell you why this isn't. No, I SHOULDN'T have to tell you why this is bad.
Am I demanding that Rocksteady give exclusive content to the other systems? No. Am I calling for a boycott on the game? No. The purpose of this is to inform you. Inform you about these poor business practices. Inform you that you are being screwed over, Xbox One players. Inform you that you weren't even a second thought, PC players. Buy the game if you will. I will not. I hope the game is fun for your sake. I also hope that this will stop. That this annoying trend of exclusivity will come to a halt immediately. That we as the consumer are treated as business partners rather than walking wallets.

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