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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Choice of Robots PC Review - 8/10

Choice of Robots is an interactive novel available on Steam. It was marked down by 40% so I thought why not pick it up. The main basis of the game is that you have created robots. Not all robots but something significant to you personally.

The Good:
This is a very minimalist game. Its basically a novel but online but one you make up as you go. Through specific set choices, the story unfolds for you in different ways. You start off choosing where the story begins. One choice is you being judged by a robotic Anubis, weighing your life on scales, testing you on your life and the sins you've committed. Another has you sitting with a robot in a somewhat romantic setting and you reminisce on your life. Each of these stories plays back into a main story. Though your first choice will (presumably) affect the multiple endings, the main story is a almost completely a blank slate for you to mold. You can even name some important characters, such as yourself and the robot you build.

The Bad:
This is definitely a niche game. Shooter and RPG fans are not going to able to immediately pick this up. Rather this is more meant for people who enjoy books or someone who is getting into writing for themselves. I find it enjoyable though not many other people will.

The Meh:
Personally, I would have made some drawings or even music for this. At times, the experience feels kind of muted. You really need to engross yourself in what you're doing otherwise you're not likely to enjoy the experience. Basically, if you don't like reading books, this probably isn't for you.

I understand this was a pretty short review but there isn't much to talk about. This game is more of an experience. You really need to play it for yourself. The game is really cheap at the moment. Slightly more expensive than a soda but less expensive than a sandwich at the store. If you have a few bucks, I suggest you give it a try.

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