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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Windows 10 from a Gamer's Perspective

The ultimate problem when faced with a new operating system is, "What are the downsides?" Apart from the visual aspects, what you really want to work is the system itself. After a few years of straight console gaming, I've gradually evolved into a greater amount of PC gaming. Its quicker, easier, more convenient but also a whole lot less reliable. When your console works, you can just go on your PC to dick around or find out what's wrong. When a PC gamer's PC stops working, that's pretty much the worse possible outcome.
For starters, most people will have gotten this for free, so cost is not really an issue. Of course, you would have had to reserve a free copy of it, so if you're reading this now its more than likely you will have to purchase it. It looks... different. Not a bad different, its just that I've been used to Windows 7 for so long its a bit jarring.
The problem I DO have with this is the drivers. Ah, sweet sweet annoying drivers. If you don't know what drivers are, basically they're the systems on your computer in laymen's terms. Sound, video, battery. Stuff like that. Drivers connect that stuff to your PC so they actually work. Apart from that, even I'm not entirely sure what they are. About two years ago, I got the worst virus ever. And I mean the worst. Corrupted my hard drive. Had to get a completely new hard drive and add a new operating system to it. With the help of my tech savvy brother, we got it working again. Although, I wasn't able to play any games. The driver that would basically read my video card was non existent. I had to go search and download an entirely new driver just so I could play video games again. It was not a pleasant experience. Now? Windows 10 has a problem for some people where the sound driver doesn't work. Basically I don't have any sound. "Why is that such a problem?" you may ask. "Can't you still play games?" Apparently not as I've found out. I've tried three of my games of which two flat out don't work (Dark Souls 2, Dragonball Xenoverse and Fallout: New Vegas). Dark Souls 2 'works'. I mean that in a sense that I could start it up and the game actually goes to the title screen. Apart from that, I know nothing else. Xenoverse on the other hand, does not. It says I need a 'Shader model 3.0 or better'. I would like to point out not only did I do a PC review of this game so you know it works, but I have no idea what a shader model 3.0 is so I have to add that to my list of things to manually fix. New Vegas on the other hand just flat out does not work. Apparently lacking a sound device makes it unable to work as well.
So, to recap, this does not work as well as my previous OS. All of these things can be patched in at a later date and I can manually fix them (maybe) but I shouldn't HAVE to. That being said, all of my PC related reviews will have to be put on hold for the foreseeable future. Thanks for all of your support. I hope to have this working soon.

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