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Friday, October 30, 2015

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth DLC Review - 9/10

The Binding of Isaac was a game developed by Nicalis. The game features the titular character, Isaac, as he tries to escape his mother who is convinced by a voice in her head that she must kill her son. Isaac must descend into his basement, fending off horrific creatures created from his own psyche, collecting powerups and other useful items to kill the bosses and finally his own mother. The game was well received which then spawned a new, updated edition that only further added to the game. This DLC aims to do the same.

The Good:
More everything. Music, levels, rooms, enemies, bosses, powerups. Even a new character. The game is superb as is which is great because this only adds to a spectacular game. There's not much to say other than the fact that there's more of this great game. Extending your play with new modes, new challenges, Daily Challenges and even a new character.

The Bad:
Hey, so this game is tough. I mean like pretty tough. Not impossible. If you're playing the base game or the full package for the first time, you're going to be limited by the characters and powerups you can use straight off the bat. This DLC makes you do some of that all over again. I'm not sure how far this goes, but I've been playing the standard game for a few hours this morning. When I started it up again and got to the new content, all of my characters were locked again. And these characters aren't easy to get. Madeline forces you to collect 7 hearts in one game. Cain needs 55 coins in one game. Azazel requires you to make three deals with the devil in a single game. But worst of all, for me, is Samson, who requires you to take no damage for two full floors. I'm not sure why this is, but if this has changed, I'm not sure what else has.

"Such a high score but only one small paragraph of good v. a large paragraph of bad?" If you need to know anything about me and my reviews is that if there's a significant chunk of one bad thing but a high score, I usually like the game. We often criticize the things we love heavily because we love them. The DLC is great, minus a few tiny bits. If you're a returning player or a newbie, I highly recommend it. More play time, more enemies, bosses and powerups. What else could I ask for?

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