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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fans Ruin Games Because They Can't Accept Change

Very literal title, huh? Well I'm going into this with my guns loaded and not holding back. This topic has been gestating with me for some time and no matter how many years pass, it always seems to be relevant. Please, if you feel the need to, leave your hateful (or nice!) comments below. I look forward to tearing them apart.
I'm not a person who likes every single game, but I can always find merit... in most games. I only have one game I consider to be wholly unredeemable that I've reviewed on this site. I'm not going to say what it was, but it has the lowest review I've ever given anything. My previous worst game was a terrible vampire game, but even I could find some merit/effort put into it. Tangent aside, I can always find a positive. Not saying I like most games, but I'm generally a very positive person when it comes to my favorite medium. Which is why it pains me so much when other gamers kill a decent franchise or game. I picked up DMC a while ago because it looked great and I heard a lot of positive things, unfortunately, after the game sold abysmally. I wondered why people hated it so much, but I did see a few things. Not game killing things, just annoying fanchild gripes. Capcom hasn't always had the best track record with games, but when compared to other gaming companies that have more poisonous reputations, at least in the public's eye, like Ubisoft or EA, they're probably one of the least worst and that's really sad to see that they're doing poorly just because they don't have the best selling titles or the franchises that no matter how bad they are still manage to break even.
A game series that was never super popular but I enjoyed thoroughly was Fable. True, there were A LOT of failed promises, but ultimately the games were passable. In some weird turn of events, the games got better over time but the review scores went down with the game. The first Fable is a clunky, dumb, fun mess but people remember it fondly... for some reason. Fable 2 made a lot of things better but wasn't as well received as the first game. Fable 3 was by far my most favorite. It was fun, had a new twist on things, made me feel for not only the protagonist as a character, but the main characters around them. It humanized the villain and gave you world changing choices that ultimately affected EVERYTHING about the entire game world. Evil and good actions actually mattered apart from a simple visual change. Magic felt AMAZING, allowing you to combine two different spells into one powerful and unique attack that never lost its touch. I personally think it was the best Fable game... and people hated it. The series has taken a significant nose dive from Kinect fodder to some weird MOBA game that is supposed to come out (or came out? I don't even care to search). Much to my dismay, I never got to pick up a copy on Steam so I could play it to this day whenever I wanted before the game was fully taken off Steam. I talked about it before but not in such detail.
Change is needed to keep something from stagnation. Change can be good or bad, but its needed every once and a while. Fallout 4 is coming out next week (yes yes yes yes yes) and the game looks almost nothing like it's predecessors. Fallout 3 completely changed the gameplay and entire genre of from the previous titles and is still considered one of the greatest RPGs of all time even to this day. Same thing with all of the Elder Scrolls titles. Stopping my love for Bethesda (if only for just this moment), a new Call of Duty is coming out. It looks, and sounds like, its going to be drastically different. You actually have a character now in the main campaign. A character whom you design and craft. They will level up through the story and become the thing you want them to become. Its different and I hear people ALREADY hating on it. Call of Duty isn't my franchise of choice, but I can get some good clean fun out of it every now and then. Advanced Warfare was a damn good game but didn't do as well as the other, poorer titles. Now, I'm asking you as a gamer and a fellow sensible being. Don't pan something just because its different. This new Call of Duty could be the start of something amazing. Where developers actually put a lot of time and effort into making what is essentially a cookie cutter shooter into something more. At the very least, give your ideas some thought. Play the game for more than an hour before posting your "0/10 OMG THIS GAME SUX SO HAAARRD" review on Metacritic. Because you, as the consumer, dictate what games will be made next year. And the year after that. You decide how amazing these games will or won't be.

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