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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Xbox One Review - 8.5/10

Finally! The first DLC for Fallout has been released! I've had a mixed reaction towards Fallout DLC in the past. While Fallout 3 was a masterpiece, its DLC left me disappointed to say the least. Granted, it wasn't bad. But every single DLC made me feel like it was either rushed and had some better narrative that never got through or it was just bad. New Vegas was a pretty decent game, but the DLC was amazing. The writing, the humor, the settings. All on point. This DLC has kind of left me somewhere in the middle. Allow me to elaborate...

The Good:
The point of a 'good' DLC is to add something into the game. I know that sounds like a weird thing to say but there's a lot of DLC out there that just adds new weapons or something akin to Horse Armor back in Oblivion. It doesn't really do much of anything. I would definitely say this is good DLC. Not only does it add new enemy types and weapons (one of which has become my new favorite gun, the Tesla Rifle) but also adds the ability to literally make your own companion... sort of. You can now build your very own robot to your specifications using the crafting system already in the game and its actually pretty decent selection wise. You can choose between four chassis and a bunch of other cool stuff. The crafting also takes into account your perks, so everyone who put a lot of points into their intelligence tree, like me, is going to find some nice stuff. That's not to say the other trees are neglected of course. Your new robot companion can even have it's voice changed with a pretty decent few options so that's a nice touch. The story is so-so. Its not bad, not great but is satisfying enough. Robots are attacking the wasteland and you've got to stop them. I like how the enemies aren't just in certain places but integrated everywhere and I'll talk about that a bit later.

The Bad:
Ya... remember when I said the enemies can be 'everywhere'? Within reason of course. It seems this... conflicts sometimes. You may have met this random NPC who wants your help in scrapping a downed plane. I left this to the wayside so I could build up my Charisma stat but forgot about it entirely. I came back to it after downloading this and the quest bugged. The NPC won't talk to me and it seems that not only the helpers we would have had along were killed by the new bots but also the raiders. Is this an isolated incident? I'm not sure. Though I will say that the reason I stopped playing was because my game crashed so... Ya I know Bethesda games are notoriously, and jokingly, buggy but when it stops me from playing then I've got a problem. This can all be fixed later but since the robots are randomized (it seems) in their spawn points it may be beyond fixing.

The Meh:
I haven't finished the DLC but it seems really short. Why do I say that? Because me playing this for about three + hours and I've already made it into what I presume and the game is telling me is the main bad guy's lair. Sure, this could be a cop out and SURPRISE! something else. That's not to say this is bad. Ultimately I still have the content where I can make more powerful robots to aid me in my journey so even if this is only 3 hours (not the absolute worst in terms of DLC) it still kind of sucks. I really hope this ends up being a Hearthfire from Skyrim type situation where the other DLCs that were released for Skyrim ended up being multiple hours and Hearthfire was just a nice little add on.

All in all, if you were on the fence about buying Fallout 4 this may or may not be your incentive. Like robots? Then this is for you. Hate em? Well, first off you're dumb and second you won't like this. Unfortunately, if you haven't already picked up the season pass you've missed out on the discount so now its a full $60. That being said, Bethesda is one of those companies who usually just give people a taste of what they've got planned. I'm definitely looking forward to the other DLCs coming out unfortunately much much later.

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