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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why I Am Genuinely Considering Not Playing Dark Souls 3 (Spoiler Free)

Yes, I know I just posted another article about Dark Souls 3 and how you can have an 'easier' time with the game. Yes, I know that is basically free publicity and I am in fact supporting the game. But some facts have come to light and I feel I must address these points to you as a gamer.
Dark Souls 3 has been out in Japan for almost three weeks. Why is this such a bad thing? From Software, the company who made the game, is based in Japan. Well, Dark Souls is a different breed of game. The game is meant to invoke a certain feeling of dread, of unknown. Unless you're a skilled player, you're going to die a lot. More often than not to the boss of the current level you're on. Secrets get uncovered if you're a diligent enough person to click and swipe at every wall in your vicinity. Weapons, items, gear and characters are a complete mystery. If you've ever played Dark Souls, you'll know that 'Trusty' Patches the Hyena is anything but.... the Trusty part I mean... But not everyone knows that. Meeting this guy who just really likes laughing and is kind of strange gells with the tone of the game. You only find out he's untrustworthy the further you go or if you've seen anything about him on the internet. People may not have known that the first time they played the game. Even if they did play the game, they might not know that he can become a vendor if you forgive him for trying to kill you. These things come from you experiencing the game or just by simply looking it up online.
Every action in these games has their own, sometimes, unforeseen consequences. Except when people blatantly tell you outright. A while ago, a few lucky YouTubers got their hands on the game in an exclusive private event hosted by the developer themselves, which is honestly how I expect From Software to handle this. There's a lot of YouTube videos dedicated to Dark Souls content, where it may be a bit on the comedic side like Oroboro the Ninja or diving into the deep lore of the game like VaatiVidya. They got to see and play the game first hand and some of them gave their personal experiences on the game via videos. Nothing wrong with that. At least as far as I can see. However, where it gets really awful is in the game's release date.
I've been going mad waiting for this game. I'm not one of those people who absolutely needs to play this game blind but I respect the idea. You want it fresh, new and interesting. I get that. Japan has had this game for about three weeks. Since we're in the age of the internet, they've been uploading videos. They've beaten the game over a week ago. I haven't even touched the game. What the fuck. Nothing about this makes any sense. Sure, they could have been using their time to translate the game into English... except that was already done. So there's this glitch that you can actually purchase the game, right now, on your Xbox One. Wait, I know what you're going to say and no, PS4 and PC users got the shaft on this one. By the way, I want to reiterate this is a glitch. This is not a timed exclusive for Microsoft, Sony didn't screw over anyone at Bandai Namco (the people who did a shit job of releasing the game) and Gabe Newell didn't do something awful to them either. GLITCH. I know what you're saying, and no it hasn't been patched yet (as far as my knowledge goes). Namco actually said that the game needed to be fixed and wasn't fully finished yet, saying that people shouldn't use this method to get the game early here in the states and anyone who wasn't fortunate enough to live in Japan. Which begs the question, did every Japanese gamer get a bad copy of the game? And why hasn't the glitch been fixed yet. A quick call to Microsoft and they could work some technological magic to ensure that no one can download the game until the release date.
Personally I don't care about playing the game blind, though I respect the people who want to. A YouTuber by the name of EpicNameBro has actually cut himself off from the internet in order to keep all these game's secrets a mystery until he plays it. I wonder how he'll feel once he gets back knowing that basically everything has been released and found out already.
The reason I'm considering not playing this game altogether is for the fact that Namco Bandai thinks that we're kind of dumb. Or maybe they just don't care. Just say you were playing favorites with your Japanese audience and giving the middle finger to everyone else. Go ahead, just say it. We all know that's what really happened. Another theory I heard is that they were trying to artificially boost their sales numbers, getting a bunch of buys in Japan at the end of the March quarter and then get the American audience on the April quarter. I personally don't know what that's about but it just doesn't sound good.
Namco Bandai, you have ruined this game for a lot of people. It looked really awesome too which is a real damn shame.

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