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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tracer's Butt and Slutt Shaming A Video Game Character

Are we doing this? Ya, we're doing this. For those of you who don't know, there's a game coming out called Overwatch. Its a MOBA which is not my type of game but I'm not going to judge those that like it. In it there's a character named Tracer and for a while she's been the subject of controversy which always boils my blood in stupid situations like this. A quick Google search of the character and you can see how she looks and how she is dressed. Which I'd like to add that she's more clothed than most female video game characters now.
The... controversy that was sparked is because there was a victory pose of her with her back to the camera and looking over her shoulder, thus revealing to everyone that Blizzard had the forethought of giving this character a somewhat accurate anatomy. Apparently there were people outraged that they were reminded about the thought of their own sexuality or the fact that butts were still a thing we have and demanded Blizzard remove the content. Blizzard responded by showing they have no spine and removed the content.
Look, I'm going to be completely honest and say that I'm probably not going to play this game. Its a MOBA arena shooter and that's not really my deal but again I'm not going to judge anyone for liking that sort of thing. The unfortunate fact that comes with living with the internet is every jackass has a megaphone to call out to the other jackasses of the world. While we can get information more quickly it comes at the cost of those who should be put on a separate island because they feel the need to keep other people from enjoying life because they are offended by the curvature of a few pixels.
The subject of censoring video games is very important to me. I grew up in a hyper Christian home and was refused a lot of tame games. My mom took away my copy of Super Metroid because Ridley was a dragon and in the Bible the devil is referred to as being a dragon like once. I wasn't allowed to buy Morrowind because the dark elf looked kind of like a demon. Had my mom had her way and I would have never played a single video game. Had she had her way on a global scale, none of you would have ever played the games you had, instead being forced to play terrible Bible games. My mom has since calmed down about the whole subject. I still get the lecture, and rightfully so, every time I play a super violent game and I try not to show her that stuff. "I play the Sims and the Sims isn't violent," is always my fall back statement.
My general statement is that, "Boobs are great and so are butts". I'm going to blow your mind and reveal that I also have a butt. This subject falls in the line of body shaming, a topic I am also very strongly against. Of course its not a direct version of body shaming. What you have here is actually sort of an effigy, but rather than burning it you're pointing out the fact that it shouldn't be allowed to express any sort of sexuality. This is damaging to anyone who sees it and what you're doing to it. Generally decent people want to please others. Psychologically speaking, anyone who sees this and is impressionable will think that everyone hates this part and they will be publicly shamed, so they might do their best to cover up this area. This may become worse down the line where this person pushes these feelings on their kids and then we've got a whole generation of adults who will be ashamed of their sexuality, all because someone felt that a few curves offended them in some way.
I'm going to finish off by saying that this has happened before and will continue to happen if you don't speak out against this. Tracer is pretty modestly dressed all things considered. Her sexuality isn't really an issue here, its the sexuality of others. Ultimately this point means little really seeing as how Blizzard immediately caved and gave in, thereby validating these idiot's very stupid opinions that if they yell and bitch loud enough they'll get their way.

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