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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Preorder Content Needs to Die

This is in no way my first or even my last post about preorder content or just preorders in general. To give you a quick run down: I'm not really all that for it or against it though I like the idea of rewarding people opting into basically prebuying a game. That being said, preorder content needs to die... as per my title of this article.
I've gotten some money recently, enough to continue filling my Steam library with titles I'll probably never touch again. Whatever. Its my money and I want to hit over 800 games. A while ago, like a long while ago, I wanted to get the newest Naruto game which at the time was Ultimate... blah blah 4. I can't be asked to look it up. However at the time I was unable to opt into Steam's full price preorder. Unfortunately because of that I missed out on some content that I could have gotten for free. Oh well. Now that I have money I remember seeing it on my wishlist and decided to pick it up. Of course I'm the kind of guy who wants to have it all immediately so I go to purchase the Season pass. I read on to see what I'll be getting then notice: "One of the secret techniques can't be used unless obtaining preorder content."
Now this is where I have a problem with preorder stuff. When a game specifically cuts out a part of itself and makes players unable to purchase it at a later date is awful. Its even worse when anyone who wants to buy it now has to see some message like that basically saying, "By the way, screw you for not having the future sight to see you'd want to buy this game before hand as well as not having enough money to purchase it when it was first released." Speaking as a person who goes from paycheck to paycheck paying bills yet still wanting a fulfilling gaming experience, this is the worst. The idea that a section of content is completely locked out from me is forcing me to decide whether or not I'm going to buy a game or not.
In short, I'm not. I've got money and a few other games I want to buy. If Bandai Namco feels that this particular set of content was so important to them to not release for a small fee afterwards then they don't need my 50 bucks. Instead I'll put that towards another company. Though I can say I'm grateful to the company seeing as I can now look at other games and be fully sure I didn't want to buy their product. Thanks!

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