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Sunday, May 21, 2017

What I Demand from Destiny 2

Alright so I'm going to address the title of this right off the bat before this gets posted around and people start calling me a whiny bitch or something. Although please post this around. I like money and getting more views gets me more money.
'Demand' is not a word I use lightly. If I'm demanding something it means I expect it. I don't demand to be happy but I demand the ability to go out and find my own happiness. I don't demand to be able to play video games but I demand the right to be able to move around my schedule as it pleases me so I can do stupid stuff like how last night I stayed up until 5 a.m. playing games.
I did actually play Destiny and god it was not my type of game. Don't get me wrong the gameplay is fine but there's so few choices and the ceiling for new players to enter the game isn't really great. Each game should be taken as if it were someone's first. Ideally, an optional tutorial to give the player the basics on how the game works. You'd be surprised at how many games fail to do this. The information about a game, its world and the people that populate it should be easy to access should the player choose to do so. The story was... nonexistant. I can't even say the story was bad because, lets be honest, there wasn't one. Sure there was the semblance of one but it was really a bunch of flimsy tape connecting various enemies and bosses together to give the player some semblance of context.
But this post isn't (not entirely at least) solely to gripe on the first game. I was completely against getting this game until I saw some more information on the game. First its coming to PC which is really really smart. The gameplay trailer looked really cool and the developers 'seem' to be a lot more open to the ins and outs of the game, at least pertaining to "Did you hate [small minor inconvenience]? Well now it's gone!"

1. An actual story.
Though I may love open ended games and the games that allow me to ignore all the story, I kind of need it every once and a while. At least like a pallet cleanser. Skyrim all the time is great and I love the game but its a completely different beast than The Last of Us. Story should add to the overall aspect of a game. And, yes, not every game has to have one but if I'm shelling out 60 bucks for this then ya put a story in. Indie games can get away with it since most of them are either coming from a standpoint of making it as close to an old school arcade game as possible or they had a budget close to what it would cost to have a light afternoon lunch. When you pour millions of dollars into something at least make an attempt at a story. So far they seem to be going in that direction for 2 but this is a blanket idea for the game and all its expansions. Taken King had a great story and literally none of the other expansions really had anything other than the aforementioned flimsy tape. I demand a passable story because you can't base a lot of a game around a certain thing and not deliver.

2. Fix the fucking multiplayer.
I am absolutely the last person who enjoys death matches in games. In fact I genuinely loathe them. Though that more or less has to do with just about every single company having no clue as to how to make multiplayer enjoyable for everyone. Players should be matched based on their skill and level. If I want to just dick around in some sort of a death match for the first time I shouldn't be matched with the player that has a standard fifteen kill streak per match. Put me in a lobby with players near to my skill but also allow me to queue up for those ultra pro matches.
Destiny had a pretty decent idea to have players drop in and out of your game. You could be fighting a random enemy and another player could pop in randomly. That's... good. In some ways. First off I think its safe to say that Destiny is its own breed of MMO. So you can't have a full server constantly in one area for various reasons. However, on some missions its absolutely necessary to have other people with you. My suggestion is instances. Its essentially saying that certain areas allow you to queue up, randomly or selectively, with other players. As a somewhat antisocial person who doesn't have a lot of friends who play games this works well not only for me but everyone else.
Same for raids. Destiny FORCED you to create a party for raids. And I'm not just talking in terms of survivability rather to simply queue up to get into a raid you required a party. I get that to some extent but getting a party together was not fun in the slightest. You either found a few people but not enough or you found the right party but then some asshole kicked you out because you didn't have the right gear or etc. Effectively these things were closed off to a good portion of players so they could never get the loot to get stronger so they could go into stronger raids. You see how messed up that is?

3. Make loot better. In general.
So you finished that tough raid after spending literally hours to convince someone that "No I'm actually a good player. Come on, please I just want some better gear from this raid." And hey, you actually got some good stuff!.. I think? Destiny had this stupid idea of making it so that you had to go to a guy to see what items you got after the mission was over. While this isn't... the worst thing, they did it in such a bad way. You could get some rare engram that ended up being some shit you didn't need. Simply making the drops coded to a specific slot would work wonders. At the very least you know that ultra rare engram will be either a weapon, armor or something else. The system can still work but a slot machine isn't the right way to dole out gear. Its fine, and I actually like that you just get random loot, and the system kind of works. I've had a lot of people bitch about the rewards they get after a fight immediately in the chat or get angry because another person got what they were going for.
Also nerfing gear for the next set of DLC is really shitty. Gear is gear. You get better gear for the new content rather than fucking over all your other stuff. At least make it so that you can maybe do something with that gear other than destroying or selling it.

4. Destiny 2 is the end.
So this might be a little weird to say, but Destiny 2 should be the stop of it, at least for a time. I don't understand games that release a whole bunch of content and then like a year later release an entirely new game. Especially when it comes to online games. It takes upkeep and money to keep those servers going. So the original Destiny servers will not stay around forever. You've essentially paid around 120 bucks and now that just goes away forever. I'm not saying you can never have another Destiny but considering its a game that demands you sink a significant amount of time, money and energy into it you can't expect people to just drop it for the new one. At the very least, have the ability to carry over some stuff from the previous game. You can't tell me the hundreds of hours I've poured into a game will simply vanish. If it does then I want that to be my choice.

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